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We are going nuts

Why? why do we have 6 photographs of the same room with such slightly different angles?  More is better right? No, like my dad once said, you can give people too much information.  If a powder room is too small to get a good picture of, why take it?  

We believe in taking the necessary photographs to tell the story.  You don't want to upload and label 60  photographs when 26 do  a better job.  Let us take your photos, decide on composition of the shots, edit them in the best and most realistic way possible and if you want, even upload to your MLS account.  Don't you need to spend time taking care of your clients?  The clients you want for life?    

I have over 17 years in the business as an agent, I know what sells and in real estate it's still the steak but you need some sizzle to get them to the table.  Do you think one image below tells a story? 


Whats different in how I shoot a home?

In the process of learning and looking at thousands of photos online I still feel that real estate interior photographs are over done.  The process most used is called HDR/ High Dynamic Range or Fusion. The HDR method helps to capture all the low light and high lighted pixels in an image, thats good right?  Well yes, but often if you look closely at your photos you lose the real color.  I use a method combining HDR and then flash. The flash helps to two significant ways; it helps us get true color of the rooms and it helps us mask the windows so you can bring the outdoor view into the window. 

Virtual Staging

If you need a couple of rooms virtually staged we can do so.  Even if someone else took the picture.  I never used it much as an agent but it's less expensive and quicker today to have a room virtually staged. 

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